Nano-Dies -Diamond coating dies for Cable Compacting and Stranding

here is a huge amount of raw material and money to be saved or lost in the stranding and compacting operations of energy cable manufacture. Using Nano-Dies equates to maximum savings and best practice. Many cable manufacturers have found replacing tungsten-carbide dies with Nano-Die has resulted in raw material savings.

Nano technology has now delivered dramatic improvements.  It enable an additional 2% of total raw material to be saved due to zero wear during the entire life of the die. Nano-Dies are available up to Ø100mm. PCD dies can be more expensive than Nano-Dies by a factor of 20 times or more depending on diameter.

Nano-Dies  for Wire & Tube Drawing
Low cost, low friction, and long life can result in very significant price and performance improvements over PCD dies. Some such wire and tube applications include:

• Low Carbon & Stainless Steel
• Non-Ferrous Metals
• Copper, Aluminum & All Alloys–Especially Where Mechanical & Electrical Properties Must Be Optimized.


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